1997 – communities og datingsites

1998- chatrooms

1999 – Portaler – år 2000 sikkerhed

2000 – Intranet –



2003-tip en ven


2005-second life


2007-Rss feeds

2008-blogs og Web 2.0

2009-online magazine

2010 – Social media

2011- Iphone app.


5 minutes of online marketing bullshit

  • Expose new and relevant communities to the brand by providing assets to encourage brand evangelism
  • Drive break through conversations with an engaging viral
  • Maximise buzz by driving word of mouth from relevant influencers
  • Provide brand ambassadors with compelling conversation hooks to enter into communities and fuel advocacy
  • Maximise breakthrough by leveraging influencers
  • Harness social currency to drive buzz via www.jobsites.dk
  • Ignite the existing community and attract new members by amplifying the experience with relevant and engaging content
  • Activate audience by giving them compelling social experiences, encouraging advocacy
  • Amplify word of mouth by motivating influencers
  • Increase organic growth by exposing audiences to the brand through breakthrough viral communications
  • Build loyalty & increased engagement through ongoing conversation and brand experience
  • Identify relevant and compelling hooks for the audience, create content around the hooks and integrate it into their social repertoires
  • Target influencers with engaging assets to act as platforms for conversation


Noter mobil

  • Iphone app.
  • Viral loop
  • Own the net
  • word of mouth
  • Rings in the water
  • engaged user
  • 0
  • loyalitet
  • social media
  • earned
  • roi
  • effektmåling
  • relevant
  • jeg synes vi skal have flere glade kunder
  • vi skal have hurtige resultater
  • quickwins
  • lowest hanging fruit
  • blogging
  • lavere bouncerate
  • http://www.howtousetwitterformarketingandpr.com/
  • Twitter, stumble upon,



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